Genesis Tech Solutions is a leading cloud consulting services firm and a Silver Consulting Partner of Providing cloud solutions consulting and system integration for enterprises looking to accelerate business outcomes is our priority. GTS transforms how its clients develop market opportunities, accelerate revenues and convert customers into advocates.

Building the social enterprise takes more than software; it takes a partner who understands your business and how to transform it into a social and mobile organization responsive to its clients and stakeholders in real-time. GTS is that partner. We have 400 combined years of product development experience and business experience with a track record of large, end-to-end engagements.

We provide an extensive range of services in information technology, which includes an eight-step project implementation cycle to increase customer’s bottom line through Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud, Customer Portals, and Training using Cloud computing technologies.

GTS’s consulting arm utilizes its superior planning system and resources in the field of information technology, aiming to understand your business needs and provide your firm with the right solutions to an unparalleled competitive edge.

We have a ‘hands-on’ approach to consulting and are well known for technical competence in strategic thinking. Supported by our proven methodologies, our consultants have the ideal combination of skills and experience to help our clients align current and future technologies with the strategic direction of their business. We share knowledge so that our customers can use technology to adopt to efficient business models which reduces the project development time and costs, and increases the quality and predictability of the end result.

We support our clients with up-to-date tools and innovative ideas. Our mission is to analyze and conquer the strategic problems our clients have. By relying on teamwork and fast communication, each client can benefit from the vast expertise pool of the company.

  • Commercial off the shelf integration
  • Data cleansing
  • Architecture solutions
  • Security and information assurance
  • ETL integrations

GTS management consulting advice and support in the design and implementation of value-adding and sustainable solutions and distinguishes itself by a very high degree of customer orientation and flexibility. We gather business and technical requirements, provide proven project management oversight of your implementation, and manage new technology and applications that make a real difference for your business. Our management consultancy services are combined to enable a 360 degree view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement on operations.

The GTS Business consulting team possesses a direct insight on the market trends with multi industry specialization , all aimed towards creating insights that help, aid thoughts and make decision making easier and swifter. We bring ready access to different methods, approaches and tools to develop a targeted transformation that fits your organization.

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Change Management
  • PMI
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Resource management
  • Help desk services
  • Infrastructure outsourcing
  • Custom Application Design
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Platform Applications
  • Enterprise Call Center Solutions
  • Call Center Applications
  • Integration & Infrastructure
  • Architecture Solutions focused on Security & Information
  • ETL Integrations
  • Data Intelligence Development
  • Mobile Solution

After assessing your business including identifying business needs, uncovering problems, evaluating processes and determining growth potential, then developing a roadmap based on strategies resulting from analysis, a custom application is designed. We ensure that the solutions are aligned with the entire enterprise infrastructure and platforms and that the application architecture is carefully designed to meet the needs of stakeholders and end users. Our applications are user-friendly so that the users are more productive and processes run smoothly across multiple platforms.

  1. Maintenance of reports and dashboards
  2. Management of user profiles, sharing model and role hierarchy
  3. Support via phone and email during business hours (as contracted)
  4. Rapid escalation process
  5. Development of change request process. Issue and change request tracking. Ongoing prioritization of change requests
  6. Service delivery report (monthly)
  7. FAQs, user guides and tip sheets (as appropriate)
  8. New release notifications
  9. Personally assigned EOD consultant
  10. Flexible experts on demand service packages. Annual, quarterly and on demand service packages customized to meet your business and budget needs
  11. Advanced analytics
  12. Fine-Tuning application
  13. System administration
  14. Informative webinars
  15. Rapid response
  16. 24/7 call center support

Genesis Tech Solutions (GTS) provides companies with innovative solutions based on thorough company research and assessment. Every organization requires applications tailored to its unique needs and GTS takes pride in taking time to understand those needs and distinctions instead of delivering “cookie-cutter” products. These products should also be employable now and grow with the company based on the most forward-thinking minds within the organization. The customer is involved throughout the systematic process and therefore, the implementation process of the new programs is smooth guaranteeing that will be on time and within budget.

GTS uses Cloud technologies as a global consulting partner of to help drive customer engagement and growth in a way to accelerate profitability for its clients.

Organization readiness for change, helping accelerate adoptions.

Implementing a new program can be an uncomfortable process for many, especially for those that have worked on the same system for years. Genesis Tech Solutions recognize this so we align with the organizational leaders and listen to concerns to mitigate risks associated with technology deployments. GTS ensures organizational readiness for change to help accelerate user adoption and project ROI. We want employees to be excited about the new system and embrace the new processes and technologies.

Initiate, grow & sustain relationships with customers through IT for marketing, sales and customer service. You will see performance improvements because Genesis Tech Solutions seamlessly links all important information about customers, products and services that drives sales.

In today’s market, it is important for organizations to stay connected with their consumers and potential consumers through social media, mobile technology and multi-channels. While Genesis Tech Solutions implement each new program, they make sure that through each step, organizations have the ability to communicate with their consumers in various ways. If the programs are not yet in place, we will implement leading-edge capabilities quickly as customer interaction with brands is vital to the health of an organization.

Configuration, Workflow and Custom Object Enhancement 

With all this new data available at your fingertips from the applications custom designed by Genesis Tech Solutions, workflow reporting tools become necessary to assess the efficiency of workflow and related business processes. Reports allow organizations to locate problems with processes and determine necessary actions. GTS will guide your organizational leaders through configuring the new applications so that workflow triggers are in place so the data can be quickly analyzed and used.

Minor Trigger and Apex Development

Genesis Tech Solutions uses Apex code to develop business applications. Apex code is the first on-demand programming language that runs on servers. This allows the developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on Apps will run smarter and capture business logic and rules, such as data validation, and make new apps on demand. Apex runs entirely on and therefore does not require any local servers or software.

Data Cleansing

The presence of data does not ensure that it is current, accurate or consistent. Many factors can cause inaccuracies, no matter how well trained and careful the staff is on input. Various factors cause records to be duplicated and therefore, not all notes, cases, attachments, activities, opportunities are posted in each duplicate record. Poor data impairs management’s ability to make informed decisions. Genesis Tech Solutions uses to look for duplicate records, inconsistencies and errors. We merge and convert duplicate records and consolidate all fields and attachments within each record.

Data Conversion

Sometimes it is necessary to convert data from one format to another. This process can be complex and if not done correctly, can cause data and file corruption. Genesis Tech Solutions’s priority is quality assurance. With every stage of the process, GTS meticulously double checks the compliance of their work and verifies that everything transferred accurately.