The most successful business plans start with analysis. Genesis Tech Solutions leverages its experience working with many organizations across multiple industries ranging from small to large businesses to identify business needs, uncover problems, evaluate processes and determine growth potential. GTS talks with stakeholders to better understand issues the organization is facing and discuss new systems that will allow for increasing responsiveness, performance, flexibility and accountability in the organization. This goal-oriented analysis will cover strategic business practices encompassing IT, business processes, corporate policies, structure and trading strategies, customer relations management, marketing, customer engagement, customer service, social media and operations across the entire enterprise. GTS business analysts work closely with management throughout the entire process to determine the most appropriate business strategy to effectively reach business goals, add value, and increase revenue offering your business a competitive advantage.

Developing a strategic plan based on the company’s mission, values and goals is a priority for Genesis Tech Solutions. GTS helps guide management into placing new projects into motion to meet larger goals through customized management applications. Our process includes holding strategy sessions with clients and stakeholders looking for new systems to enhance productivity and profitability. We use our many years of technology expertise, knowledge of best practices, and our understanding of your business to propose a solution and develop a customized model so you have a good idea of its potential.

A priority of most senior management teams, CEO’s, presidents, business owners, VPs of sales, VPs of marketing, and business development managers, is to grow revenue and boost future profits. Genesis Tech Solutions capitalizes on its vast experience implementing proven revenue growth strategies using tested methodologies. We consult with management on best practices and train sales and marketing teams on tactics and strategies custom designed specifically for your business. Our process encompasses applications, data, analytics, infrastructure and change management allowing for additional capabilities and growth possibilities to be discovered.

Whether your business operates as business to business or business to consumer, your customers tell all about your productivity and profitability. What is your customer retention? What drives customers to come back? What services or products are your customers purchasing outside of your business? What is your relationship with your customers? Do you keep meaningful interaction with your customers? An important aspect of creating customer retention is keeping them engaged. The key to customer engagement is through social media. Social media shifts from businesses pushing their brands, one-dimensional marketing, to two-way communication. With social media, communication is taking place world-wide, 24/7 with countless numbers of people. Relationships thrive when dialogue is happening.

Genesis Tech Solutions will develop customized tools to use social media strategies to help businesses with customer relations management. We will begin with a road map identifying tactics and prioritizing phasing of these tactics based on the readiness of the organization. Our solutions will enable monitoring and joining conversations that will result in increased brand awareness, loyalty and sales.

Cloud computing, connecting computers, mobile devices and equipment remotely in real-time offers a paradigm shift for computing. Cloud computing allows for quick scalability and flexibility in application services to meet rapidly growing and changing business needs in a new and cost effective way. Genesis Tech Solutions will analyze your business, discuss your goals and objectives, evaluate your customers, assess Cloud computing solutions and offer strategies for employing those applications and methods to meet fluctuating demands. This process includes assessing their readiness for migration, developing a migration road map to obtain maximum benefit from Cloud implementation.

Your enterprise architecture is a key factor in the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Your architecture should be quickly adaptable for fluctuating business needs. Genesis Tech Solutions provides services to design your enterprise systems so that they are robust enough for your current and future needs. GTS evaluates your current application, business, information, systems, data and technology architecture in association with your business purpose from the perspective of information systems groups. This also includes portfolio analysis, technology rationalization, and legacy modernization. We provide a comprehensive diagnostics of your portfolio or application suite for performance, scalability, reliability, stability, maintainability, extensibility, and more. We provide recommendations for program plans and initiatives based on existing models and customized models to develop architecture with performance-engineering systems to reduce costs and eliminate overlapping products and systems that drive up maintenance costs.

Genesis Tech Solutions can move data to and from any flat file or database to integrate more than 250 applications. This includes configuring query, upsert, insert, delete and update operations. Multiple apps written in different programming languages can all use an open API and manage related data in one shared database. It can support all custom fields and objects and wizards are used to simplify configuration and process automation. You can synchronize accounts/contacts, automate quote-to-cash with your order management system, give the front office visibility to shipment, tracking and logistics, link supply chain and demand forecasts with Salesforce and extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses. All of this is done through the Cloud with no appliances, software or coding.

Being able to access data across different departments and mediums of an organization is critical to the efficiency of an organization. Genesis Tech Solutions develops data integration solutions that are seamless for all users across the entire organization and on different platforms. GTS uses data profiling, ETL & EAI development, data quality management, reeingineering/replatforming, and a data integration factory to ensure harmonization and access of information.

How many applications does your organization use? How well do they work together? Do you have real-time access to the data regardless of which application it originated from?

Genesis Tech Solutions integrates the apps to help your organization achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality. Access will suggest the best integration options for your company using technology and platforms to build the infrastructure. Massive amounts of company and customer data is useless unless it can be organized in a way that can help businesses better understand their customers, operations and emerging trends. Companies that gain new insights from this data have an advantage over competitors. Genesis Tech Solutions helps by providing resources to help your company mine through data including data available from social media and made on mobile devices helping business leaders make critical intelligent business decisions. Contact us to get details about how our technology experts can bring this insight to your decision makers.

In order for businesses to be competitive in the age of communication in “real time” with staff, customers, consumers and stakeholders, businesses must be mobile and have apps that work flawlessly on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Androids OS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Palm, etc. Data should be able to be accessed and synchronize easily with business software, systems or mechanisms in order to optimize work productivity and activities. In addition, they need to be adaptable to keep up with the rapidly changing mobile technologies. Cross platform apps are the modern trend of businesses and a requirement to be competitive.

Mobile computing services is a must with the quantity of mobile devices used within a business. We offer mobile service strategy, design and development, mobile testing, mobile administration and support and application and infrastructure management. We offer services for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile, and custom handelds based on Win CE and stay on top of new developments. Our mobility solutions support Web applications rendered onto these smart device browsers; cross-platform applications built using HTML5, Phone Gap, Titanium and others; and native application architectures making use of local storage and processor capabilities.

New applications, systems, and processes can be exciting knowing their potential, but also cause some anxiety with staff and stakeholders. Genesis Tech Solutions works closely with you to understand your business and propose a solution before launching directly into a new system. A strong understanding of the company’s users is key to a successful plan and solution. We take time to learn about the users’ patterns and behaviors with the current system. We want to know why they use it, how often, what information are they looking for, what their needs are, what their expectations are, etc. We then make a plan and offer examples of solutions always keeping the end result top of mind. Each step is methodical with examples to ensure there are no surprises and that users’ expectations are met throughout the process.

Is your business taking full advantage of the power of social media? The social web has changed the way we live and work. Companies that embrace this transformation and evolve themselves to capitalize on these changes will continue to be or will become market leaders. By using applications provided by, you can listen to your customers, publish engaging content, advertise and respond to customer’s needs more quickly. Genesis Tech Solutions is a Silver consulting Partner of and will customize the applications tailored to your business, integrate the applications with your current systems and make them available across multiple platforms. Our dedicated experts work with you to plan your social media strategy and offer solutions that will ultimately increase your bottom line.

Many organizations that have been around for decades are in desperate need of an upgrade to modern computer programming language, software, libraries, protocols and hardware platforms. Many legacy business processes were designed years ago in more stable, predictable environments. We are now operating in a more dynamic business and technology climate with changing customer demands. Organizations must harness these new demands and the ongoing explosion of technologies, platforms, data and applications, and update their systems. Genesis Tech Solutions modernizes these legacy systems to make it easier for applications outside the firewall to access their data and re-engineer the monolithic applications into a flexible services-based architecture. In addition to the adaptability and flexibility these new systems offer, there are direct and indirect cost-saving benefits. Indirect cost savings benefits will be noticed through the quality of service, agility and the ability to service a customer more effectively.

Because we understand that your current systems are critical to your operations, we deploy the modernization of the system in stages to limit risk and interruption of daily business activities. When systems and processes have been in place for a while, there is some opposition to change. We make sure that the users are trained and equipped to understand the new applications and platforms throughout each step of the transition.

Genesis Tech Solutions considers security integration, user interface integration, business logic integration and data integration when creating and executing the necessary infrastructure.

Security Integration
Integrate authentication mechanisms across applications to improve the user experience and minimize user administration.

User Interface Integration
Combine the user interface of two or more apps to create composite apps with little or no rework on the user of each individual app.

Business Logic Integration
Business logic often spans multiple application systems. Extending related business logic from one app to another helps to implement complete end to end business processes.

Your company needs a platform that is secure, reliable and fast. Genesis Tech Solutions uses by to provide you with a platform you can trust. The cloud infrastructure beneath has been fine-tuned over the past 10 years. It powers nearly 100,000+ businesses running more than 185,000 applications that 3 million users count on every day.