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 As a Salesforce user, understanding and making use of Chatter is one of most beneficial things you could do for yourself and for your fellow users. Chatter is a workplace revolutionizing tool that allows organizations to collaborate in real-time with a private social network. Employees can now use the Chatter feeds and groups to connect with one another to share rich content and conduct discussions.

 Here are some of the few features which have made Chatter the worlds #1 enterprise social network.



 Chatter allows employees to connect to one another efficiently irrespective of their organizational borders. As, team members, you can now connect to design a support case, revise sales prospects and even get approval for project funding within the Salesforce community. Direct data connection to internal business systems allows elimination of manual retyping and chances of errors.


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 Employees can now take action for approval of expense reports, order updating and more, right on Chatter group feeds. Chatter even allows companies to embed custom or third party applications to let employees enjoy their familiar UI wherever they are.



 The Salesforce1 Mobile App lets you download files, update records, access a file from any device. The powerful mobile experience can be used access your personal feed and monitor group discussions and developments even when you are not at your desk.


 Chatter lets you monitor the engagement and provide incentives to improve employee participation. You can encourage colleagues to award badges to each other and let them thank them for their contribution. As part of the empowerment process, subject matter experts and key contributors can be recognized and endorsed by peers.

 Encourage Innovation through Groups and Polls

 Groups can encourage structured discussion and increased activity across your team or organization. You can create a group for not just a team but also for a new event or campaign. Files and records can be shared and integrated within a private group which would not be accessible to the entire organization.

 Polls can be used by anyone to get a feedback from members of the group to gauge sentiment. You can direct these polls across the organization or to specific groups to access employee or co-worker opinion.

 Start your own Chatter Community to enjoy the above features and more! Create your profile, enable feed tracking and start campaigning your colleagues to build their own! We, Genesis Tech Solutions (GTS) being a Salesforce Certified Partner, are committed to helping professionals and organizations succeed with the limitless Cloud Computing capabilities of

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