We’re so excited to announce the return of our live weekly broadcast, “The Road to Dreamforce.” This year we are going bigger and better—more guests, more interaction, and more varied content to inspire and inform you about all things Dreamforce.

Every Tuesday at 11am PST starting July 8th, we’ll be streaming live conversations with salesforce.comexecutives, partners, and MVPs on the Dreamforce website. Each episode, we’ll do a deep dive on topics ranging from Dreamforce programs and top sessions, to newbie tips and what to wear to the conference. We’ll also feature weekly developer-focused segments and talk to other special guests. Who knows? There may even be a few unexpected SaaSy spottings.

We’ll even have weekly contests with prizes ranging from FREE DREAMFORCE PASSES to Developer snuggies—plus, breaking news including the Dreamforce band and Keynote speakers! You can even ask speakers and the Dreamforce team questions and get answers in real-time during the live webcast using #RoadToDF14 or @ mentioning the presenters—whose Twitter accounts will be provided on the episode home page.

Can’t get to your computer to watch live? Don’t fret. All episodes will be archived for on demand viewing within 48 hours of the stream, all right on the “Video” tab of Dreamforce.com.

Be sure to check out the Dreamforce Facebook and Twitter pages along with the Dreamforce groups on the Success Community where we’ll be listening to the #df14 & #RoadToDF14 conversations and pulling questions and interesting quotes, to include during upcoming episodes. (Keep your eyes and ears open for some big time shout outs, too!).

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