Whether your aim is to boost your career or a complete career makeover, Salesforce certifications can be highly valuable.

Earning a Salesforce certification can definitely enhance your IT career, but this requires thorough planning and preparation from the start.

We have compiled a few tips which could help guide your certification strategy and improve your chances of success.

Tip #1: Do your Research

Read up on Salesforce. There are a lot of resources available online on the Salesforce.com website which would give you an idea about what to expect.  You could also familiarize yourself with the Salesforce UI if you have an opportunity at work.  Make an action plan and be sure to allocate enough time on a regular basis to put in work for the training.

Tip #2: Enroll in a Salesforce Training Program

Selecting a high-quality training program is the next step towards your Salesforce Certification. While there is a plethora of Salesforce resources available on the internet, most of these websites are not affiliated to Salesforce nor are those organizations certified cloud Partners. To make the most of your investment and time, it is recommended to select training programs from Salesforce Certified Partners.

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Genesis Tech Solutions (GTS) is a Salesforce Certified Partner with offices in India and U.S.A. Our Comprehensive Salesforce Training Program has everything you need to pass the DEV 401 Certification.

Here are a few ways how we use our Cloud Expertise to maximize your learning experience:

  • We teach the full functionalities, hidden competences and whiz-level tricks better than anyone else.
  • Our curriculum is up-to-date to keep up with Salesforce’s new releases and today’s job market requirements.
  • We offer multiple delivery Models (Classroom sessions and Virtual web-based training) to let you choose what best suits your learning style and training objectives.

Tip #3: Plan for your Certification Exam weeks 2-3 weeks after your class

This should give you ample time to practice everything you learnt while retaining all the information imparted during the training program. Be sure to go through all your class notes and study materials thoroughly. The exam measures more than just the Salesforce concepts; so don’t skip your exercises. Practice (here too) is the key, as they say!

Tip #4: Register on Salesforce.com and take the Exam

Salesforce DEV 401 Certification exam costs $200 which you need to pay directly to Salesforce when you register. The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions which need to be completed in 90 minutes. The passing score is 68% which should be easily attainable if you prepare well.

We wish you luck with your exam! Do share your certification experience with us and feel free to post queries if any in the comments section.





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